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It’s here, our reno process! I have had many people asking for photos of the new house, but I didn’t want to share the “after” photos before explaining the “before”. It was so fun going back through these photos and pretty amazing to look back at all the work that has been done!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my amazing husband who worked so hard throughout the entire process. With the help of my Dad, they did everything/anything they possibly could. Beau went over everyday after work and put it so many 12+ hour days to get it done in time. It took over our life for a short season, but it was so worth it!

We are so thankful to my parents who lived through the entire reno process for us while we were trying to sell our house. They went months without flooring/a kitchen/a normal routine. With my Dad still living there, the extra hours he worked on the house were endless. *HARDEST worker I know! The #1 question I got from everyone was, “do your parents get sad seeing their house change so much”? The answer is NO! They loved watching the process and would have updated it themselves if they wanted to stay there.

It is truly so special living in the home I always grew up. I can’t wait to create new memories with our kiddos and relive the old ones! 🙂

I also want to give a huge shout out to our wonderful contractor, Jerry Malone. From start to finish, we were so happy with the work that Jerry did.  After going through the process, we learned how important it is to choose a contractor you not only know will do a good job, but someone you want to spend everyday with!! Haha, I didn’t get the pleasure of spending everyday with Jerry and his crew, but they were such nice guys and always very mindful of my parents living there. Even my parent’s dog, Harliegh looked forward to their visit everyday!

Okay, get ready for a TON of photos! I’m going to start room by room ….



Where the fun began!! We started in the kitchen by knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room (that we never used growing up). We also added a wall between the living/dining room. This opened up the entire space and gave us one huge wall to work with. We also got rid of all the existing bulkheads which gave us an extra foot of space to the ceiling!


My parents saved all the old cabinets/countertops and installed them in their new basement!


I think this is the first day it started feeling real….”well there’s no turning back now”, my mom said as she watched her appliances get ripped out in front of her. (Did I mention how thankful I am that my parents lived through this reno for us)!!

It was so easy to envision our new kitchen plan with this wall open!!

This guy- such a hard worker. He has had some great influence from both of our Dads!!! We are so thankful for all of their work throughout the process!!

Tearing up the existing hardwood was a really hard job. My dad glued the old hardwood to the sub floor and the floor was a complete mess after we took it up. We had to put a new subfloor down before installing the new hardwood.


We have a new wall! We loved our drywall guy- his work was so detailed and precise.

I didn’t get any photos of the kitchen being installed (probably because Jerry was over photos by then, lol) but, here is the finished space! We got our cabinets from Lowe’s- it was so fun working with one of their designers to plan everything out!

I love our clear dining chairs that I can wipe clean….all day long, lol.


We plan to get a backsplash installed this spring….you guessed it- more white! We are going to do a white beveled subway tile.


One of my favorite spots in the house is our sunny breakfast nook. My parents also love sitting here and always talk about how they NEVER used the space! It was a home to plants before and now it’s the most usable space and our favorite spot of the house 🙂


Old Family Room // Future Dining Room // Current Playroom:

My parents old family room is going to be our dining room one day. We are excited to keep the wood burning fireplace to cozy up the space. Until then, our kids have the playroom of their dreams!



This was the very first project that was done and I didn’t snap a photo of the “before, before” because my Dad had it done before I even had the chance.  The stairs were totally closed off from the downstairs and there was a room in the open space.


This photo shows some of the room that was upstairs before it came down! 2017-03-02_0013.jpg

There was also a hall closet that we took out to create more room in the hallway/open the ceiling.


We had someone install our stairs, but Beau stained and painted them himself. He is currently still fixing some mistakes and has said multiple times it’s been the worst project in the house!!

Powder Room:

Not much was done to the powder room, but my what a paint job and pretty wall paper can do 🙂 We also got a new vanity from Home Depot!


One of my favorite windows/views in the house!


Old Living Room // New Office // Laundry Room:

Let’s talk about two rooms I never stepped foot in growing up- the living and dining room! We always would have Christmas in this room, but never used it besides that! I love how much we used the unused space of my parent’s house.

We put a wall between these two rooms which created a longer wall in the kitchen and a new closed off office space! We also added a closet in this room for our washer/dyer. Relocating our laundry room was a must so we could have a real mudroom coming from the garage. This little closet was the perfect space 🙂

I will share my office when it’s eventually done one day 🙂


Love this pretty wall paper accent, and nope it doesn’t encourage me to do laundry any faster!! 🙁


Old Laundry Room // New Mudroom

We knew we needed a mudroom space after our old house lacked this space. Beau turned this room into the most organized space of our house by creating these awesome built ins out of Billy Bookcases from Ikea!! He used trim and molding to make them look built in and the storage we now have is incredible!












































EVERY SINGLE wall, door, and piece of trim was primed & painted in the house. We wanted to save my parents solid wood doors and they only took Beau 4 coats to cover 😉2017-03-02_0022.jpg

See ya later wood trim!! This alone made such a difference.


Our future kid’s bedrooms turned into working rooms during the reno process….


Elliana’s room 🙂


Ayden is in my old room growing up 🙂


Addition // Great Room:

What a difference this room made to the overall layout of our house! Natural light was one of our main concerns when looking at different room plans so we fell in love with this design when we found it on Pinterest!!

Our contractor, Jerry Malone, was so much fun to work with and he helped make our dream plans a reality!


I don’t have a photo, but my parents had a covered porch on the back of their house that we had to remove before starting on the addition! Special thanks to some friends who helped us with this project!!


This was such a fun part for the kids!! Ayden loved standing in that hole!


A little boy’s dream!


Framing!! Look how little Elliana was!


Our first family photo in the new  great room 🙂


Jerry’s pup loved coming to work with him and I couldn’t help but to get out my camera!


Picking out stone was harder than we thought, but we loved our final selection!


Dream Team!! 😉

Our last full day with Jerry & Brian! We were so happy with the process with Jerry from start to finish- he did a fabulous job and I would recommend him to anyone.


Huge thanks to Jeana Baughman for helping to design this room to perfection!! It’s hard to pick out our favorite piece in the room because we love everything! We especially love our chandelier and comfy rug!! The kiddos take the pillows off the couch several times a day and love jumping off the poofs…use for everything, right? 😉



We got this rug from Overstock and couldn’t be happier with it- SOOO SOFT!


The before and start of the reno process for my studio!! I will be sharing the finished studio space soon 🙂


The reason we LOVE our new house so much. There is no greater PEACE than living out in the country!!!


I can’t wait to see God’s plans unfold for our lives at our new home.  We are SO blessed to call this our forever home and we are looking forward to blessing other people with it!


I hope you enjoyed our reno process and I would love to hear if anyone is going through a reno process of their own!!

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